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4Hands.Dental / Weiss-Dekel Specialist Dental Clinic has become a leading center of excellence in addressing the array of dental needs for Israelis and clients from abroad due to the quality service offered by our clinic’s highly professional oral care specialists.

Our vision:

We believe in the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry.

4Hands.Dental clinic is headed by Professor Ervin Weiss, who specialises in Oral Rehabilitation (Prosthodontics) and headed the Tel Aviv University School of Dentistry, together with Dr.  Michal Dekel-Steinkeller, specialist in Oral Rehabilitation, member of the teaching faculty at the Tel Aviv University School of Dentistry, and lecturer in various professional forums in Israel and abroad.

Supporting Professor Weiss and Dr. Dekel is the 4Hands Specialist Clinic’s team of oral care professionals covering multiple areas of expertise. These specialists maintain uncompromising medical standards in diverse fields in dentistry, ensuring your dental needs are comprehensively addressed.

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4 Hands Dentistry

Complex treatments are handled by Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel using our “4Hands” technique, a unique teamwork method which offers our clients unprecedented advantages: wide-ranging accrued experience, the considered opinions of two experts in Oral Rehabilitation, informed real time decisions, and dramatic savings in time.

Professor Weiss and Dr. Dekel: “Having worked together for many years now, this cooperative method is a natural, efficient outcome where two specialists whose fields complement each other carry out our processes of consideration and decision making together. In this way, the client’s specific needs and the complex clinical challenges are simultaneously addressed, much like the cooperation seen among surgeons conducting complicated procedures”.

“The 4Hands treatment method allows us to finely hone the requirements for lengthy procedures involving several oral foci, multiple teeth, and both jaws. Clients are sedated or receive general anaesthesia when a series of complicated procedures are undertaken”.

What our patients say?

Client loyalty towards the Weiss-Dekel 4Hands Specialist Clinic tends to be very long term. That’s due to our clients’ sense of complete trust in our professionalism and the team’s quality. Many of our clients have been with us for three decades and more.


Four Hands Dentistry

רח' ויצמן 14 (קומה 19), תל אביב

Four Hands Dentistry

Weitzmann st. 14, Tel Aviv, Israel