The Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic offers orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth, over or under bite, and aesthetic issues. Orthodontistry addresses function problems of mastication, breathing and speech, and prevents teeth not optimally positioned from developing caries and gingivitis.

One of the goals of orthodontistry is to improve smile and facial aesthetics. A program to straighten teeth is formulated after relevant data is collected, taking alginate impressions and structuring models of the teeth, examining x-rays, and conducting a professional diagnosis. Digital analysis may also be carried out to ascertain the relationship between the jaws and the teeth.

Orthodontics with clear aligners – the Invisalign method

Straightening can be carried out in ways that are not obvious and visible. These methods allow adults to enjoy improved jaw closing functions and heightened facial aesthetics.

Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic offers two types of invisible orthodontic care:

  • Attaching orthodontic brackets made of ceramic and identical to your natural tooth colour.
  • Invisalign, a non-invasive method that makes use of clear aligners custom made for the client’s teeth. The aligners are cast according to a digital analysis and based on the optimal treatment plan suited specifically to each client. At each stage of progress, the client is provided with the next aligner in the series, which slowly move the teeth into their optimal straightened position.

Clear aligners are easily removed before eating, which makes it possible for you to enjoy any type of food you like. If you’re into sports, just remove the Invisalign aligners beforehand and put them back as soon as your training session is over.

Orthodontic treatment using the Invisalign method has been clinically proven to be effective and efficient, and suited to straightening teeth, whether the problem is minor or complex.

 See more at: www.invisalign.com

The treatment’s duration will depend on your age, and the severity of the problem. While treatment is ongoing, it’s important to be extremely diligent about oral hygiene and cleaning both on your part, and by coming for frequent checkups with our dental hygienist and your orthodontist.


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