The Weiss Dekel-Steinkeller specialists’ clinic – 4HANDS.DENTAL – is a leading center of excellence, which provides solutions to the dental needs of patients from Israel and many other countries. Treatments provided at the clinic are based on the work of a rare professional lineup of dental specialists who have vast experience and strong dental competencies.

The team of specialists in the clinic is led by Prof. Ervin Weiss, a specialist in prosthodontics and oral rehabilitation, and until recently the Head of the School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller, a specialist in prosthodontics who is a member of the teaching staff at the School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and a highly-regarded lecturer in professional forums in Israel and around the world.

Alongside Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller, the clinic boasts a team of dentists with diverse specialties, who provide complex treatments to uncompromising medical standards, ensuring an appropriate, comprehensive solution for patients’ needs.

Patients who are cared for at the Weiss Dekel-Steinkeller specialist clinic, from Israel and around the world, demonstrate deep, long-lasting loyalty to the clinic and its professional team, owing to the professional success of its dentists and staff and the feeling of absolute confidence in the professionalism and quality that they instill.

דוקטור מיכל שטיינקלר ופרופסור ארווין וייס
דוקטור מיכל שטיינקלר ופרופסור ארווין וייס שעובדים על שיניים של מטופל.

Complex treatments are performed by Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller using a unique “four-handed” treatment method. Treatments are performed in the presence of and by two specialist dentists simultaneously. This combination provides the clinic’s patients significant advantages, which include: extensive combined  experience, discretion by two specialist prosthodontists at the same time, ability to make educated decisions in real time and dramatic saving of patient time.

Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller say: “Natural, effective cooperation of two specialist dentists who complement one another has formed after many years of working together, thinking together, deciding together and providing a solution to complex clinical challenges, like the cooperation that surgeons demonstrate during complex operations”.

“The advantages of four-handed treatment become all the more important in lengthy treatments, at different treatment points, covering many teeth and both jaws, when patients are sedated or under general anesthesia and when a complex chain of procedures is required”.

Prof. Weiss: “Gradually, through a process of natural, professional evolution, we discovered our unique ability to work together, analyze changing situations together, back each other up and reach optimal critical decisions together for our patients”.

Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller: “Alongside our professional cooperation, the treatment that we provide is characterized by uncompromising adherence to the clinic’s professional vision: absolute responsibility for patients’ health, quality of life and esthetic appearance, devotion without boundaries to each of them, and a fine balance between responsible innovation and conservativism and caution”.

גבר ואישה בלבוש עסדוקטור מיכל שטיינקלר ופרופסור ארווין וייסקי מצטלמים.

Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller emphasize: “During our work together and based on total mutual professional trust, we have developed a form of natural, effective cooperation. Four-handed treatment at 4HANDS.DENTAL provides patients many advantages that are critical to their quality of life: we diagnose, evaluate and treat patients together in order to provide an optimal, real time solution to complex dental challenges. The cooperation between us is similar to the successful cooperation that surgeons have during complex operations”.

Another important emphasis in the field of treatments at the specialists’ clinic is related to the clinic’s policy of operating based on medical principles of ‘minimal intervention’ and treating only after patients’ mouths are in an optimal state of health. The clinic’s dental hygienists, who have been trained in this unique therapeutic approach, bring the oral tissues to as healthy as state as possible, while providing patients correct habits and practicing their application for maintaining their oral health for many years after the treatment is over.

The activities before and during treatments include:


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