Dr. Dora Schechter

Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

Dr. Dora Schechter brings 16 years of experience in pediatric dentistry to the Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic. Dr. Schechter works as a specialist in the Schneider Children’s Hospital, and treats children with complex dental issues and special needs children under general anaesthesia or mild sedation.

Dr. Schechter is attentive to each child’s particular requirements. Her work is based on the latest research in pediatric dentistry. She believes a positive client experience is a priority since it will encourage the child towards continued care and promote healthy dental habits.

Areas of treatment

תמונת מילוי מקום של תמונה חסרה.

Professional background

Dr. Schechter completed her studies in 1999 and immediately began working in a pediatric dental clinic. As a pediatric dentist, she encountered various complex issues that led her to eventually continuing on to specialist studies. These greatly expanded her professional knowledge and practical experience in dentistry for children. 

Dr. Schechter completed her specialist studies in 2007 and since then has worked as part of the Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic team, directing the pediatric dentistry department. She also works at the Schneider Children’s Hospital and manages a pediatric dental clinic in the health fund.

Dr. Schechter is a member of professional associations in the field of dentistry and maintains clinical excellence by participating in conferences in Israel and abroad.


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