Filling the spaces where teeth are missing, and reconstructing the mastication system using dental implants, contributes to improved quality of life and reinforced self-confidence. Implants improve the practical aspect of being able to chew properly. The added benefit is that they enable you to enjoy your food, and enhance your facial aesthetics.

In Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic, a diverse range of rehabilitative procedures are performed with implants: complex dental implants, immediate implants, use of innovative implants, use of short implants. Performing the implant procedure involves comprehensive knowledge and experience, and proven, current, cutting edge implant methods.

Professor Ervin Weiss: “Choosing the appropriate procedure for the client is, like any decision relating to a treatment plan, based on minimising risk and adjusting the optimal treatment to the client’s specific problem and unique facial structure. More than all else, though, we are committed to maximum caution and precision while simultaneously ensuring we are fully proficient with every new treatment method before we offer it to clients in our clinic”.

“Although new dental care treatments are constantly presented to the public through diverse publications, we continue to uphold our uncompromising standards regarding our clients’ health and quality of life. We weigh the risks in an informed, responsible and thorough manner and choose the most suitable method for each and every client”.

שתל דנטלי

Our clinic has honed its professionalism with the latest protocols for complex one-day treatment programs under sedation, carried out with the expert anaesthetist in constant attendance.

Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller: “The unique treatment methods we have developed by working together in this field for more than a decade support the client through the treatment process, including highly complicated procedures, with maximum comfort and almost no pain or swelling”.

“As a result, the client’s experience is positive, without a reduction in quality of life. The client does not suffer from substandard functioning during the transitional period and up until permanent rehabilitation”.

Sedation offers added value to the treatment process. Healing is better, faster and easier. This is the primary benefit from treatments given under sedation, in addition to the tremendous advantage of the entire process being performed in a single day.

Professor Ervin Weiss: “The clinic’s professional routine includes discussions among the specialists relative to each individual case. These discussions are based on meticulous examinations, advanced diagnostic tools such as CT (CBCT), simulation, digital planning, and more”.

Rehabilitating the mastication system with dental implants follows the conventional method involving three stages:

  1. Positioning the implants in the jawbone and waiting for healing, which is generally 3 to 8 months.
  2. Exposing the implant and mounting the abutments, followed by a further recovery period of 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. Taking impressions, measuring, and final oral reconstruction and rehabilitation, which takes several weeks.

Advances in dental medicine and new developments make it possible, depending on the health of the supportive oral tissue (jawbones and gums), to position implants in the jawbone and mount the transitional restoration, which is known as immediate loading. Where appropriate, immediate loading can take place in the same treatment session.

In these cases, the client can smile fully, confidently, without concern, even during the period of recovery as the bone adapts around the implants. Even though it’s very tempting to choose the immediate loading option, a decision to do so is only approved if the client’s oral and overall health allow it.

Keep in mind: prosthodontic reconstruction, as oral rehabilitation is often called, is a substitute for natural teeth and improves chewing, allows enjoying diverse types of food including items that are harder to chew, and promotes greater confidence in the client’s everyday life, professional environment, and intimate relationships. Rehabilitating your teeth contributes to your facial aesthetics, prevents sunken cheeks, postpones the formation of creases around the lips, and inhibits jaw distortions that reduce the attractiveness of a person’s appearance.

Successful oral rehabilitation contributes to a younger and healthier appearance

Successful oral rehabilitation makes you look younger, healthier, and more animated. Implants and rehabilitation also provide benefits such as inhibited loss of bone and receding gums, a common phenomenon resulting from removable dentures, negligence, or not getting implants at the optimal time.

Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller relates to the benefits of implants: “Success rates with dental implants have reached over 95% during the first 5 years following the procedure, and more than 90% in the years that follow. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that these rates of success are primarily linked to the client’s own disciplined diligence when it comes to oral maintenance. Just like with natural teeth, implants need to be cared for daily, with brushing and sufficiently frequent visits to the dental hygienist for cleaning.

דוקטור מיכל שטיינקלר מטפלת במטופל

Professor Weiss adds: “Gingivitis, and tooth grinding or clenching, are severe chronic situations which cause the loss of teeth. These chronic diseases impact the client’s immune system and expose the client to the risk of developing additional chronic diseases”.

“In line with our professional perception, part of the complex treatment’s success requires that clients behave as though they are part of the professional team. The client’s main responsibility is to follow our instructions for cleaning and maintaining teeth and implants. This helps preserve oral health”.

Rehabilitation with implants does not heal the client or resolve the issue of chronic disease. It only corrects damage caused due to loss of teeth, and restores the aesthetic aspect and the mouth’s proper functioning.

“Only consistent checkups, careful daily cleaning, and frequent visits to the dental hygienist will halt the chronic diseases that are caused by loss of teeth while ensuring long term success of the implant procedure. We’re truly pleased when our clients join our team by showing personal responsibility towards consistent care that preserves the treatment they’ve received”.

“Treatments that show success over many years are boosted by follow-up care and avoidance of actions that harm oral health. Smoking reduces the chances of dental implants being successful as early as the surgical stage, and additionally reduces the likelihood that implants will survive the rehabilitation stage”.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants take the place of the absent tooth’s root. The implants are anchors on which the rehabilitation structure, being the abutments and crowns that substitute for any missing teeth, are set. The implant is actually a tiny screw, usually made of titanium.

The crowns fitted on the dental implant are generally made of ceramic materials made to look like your natural teeth. The client feels as though they are real teeth, both functionally and aesthetically. Accelerated developments in dental medicine now offer implants in a variety of forms, from short to narrow implants, implants with different screw sizes, varied coatings, and more. The diversity means that you, the client, get the best possible match to your natural teeth.

At Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic, we check every parameter before taking decisions about rehabilitating your mastication problems on implants, or on the type of implants to be used. We examine your general health, any medications you might be taking, habits such as smoking and nutrition, the health of your teeth and gums, past and current x-rays, CT scans, quantity and quality of bone in your jaws, and your aesthetic expectations of the dental implants.

דגם של שן עם שתלים דנטליים וברגים.

When it comes to oral rehabilitation based on implants, we continue to stress the importance of preserving the health of your teeth and mouth. We make sure to give you the guidelines for cleaning and maintaining the implants and crowns, and encourage our clients to come for frequent visits with the dental hygienist for the purpose of maintenance and cleaning care.


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