“Dental treatments without anxiety, stress or pain have direct consequences on the treatment’s success, on the recovery process, and on the rate that the client heals. Our first and foremost concern is our clients’ quality of life. That’s why we may, in certain circumstances, suggest treatment under sedation”, says Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller. 

She adds that “dental care was the first medical field that adopted treatment under sedation, and there’s good reason for that. Follow-up research and a great many articles state that between 50% to 70% of individuals in the western world feel anxiety at differing levels when it comes to visiting dental clinics or during treatment, even when the treatment is not complex or threatening”.

In specific situations, we may suggest sedation during dental treatment: in other words, some level of numbing. This is not general anaesthesia. During treatment, you experience deep calm, and a significant reduction in the sense of time passing. Sedation also makes recovery and healing much simpler.

Including sedation in the specialist clinic’s treatment package is part of our team’s dedication and concern for your optimal oral health and quality of life.

Professor Weiss: “During sedation, our clients aren’t unconscious but rather, in a state of deep tranquility. The outcome is immediate: a very evident reduction in reactions based on fear and pain. Clients under sedation are relaxed, the treatment session seems much shorter, and in most cases, clients forget what they’ve actually experienced. Repeatedly experiencing treatments that do not cause pain and don’t carry the element of fear have a cumulative effect on how clients relate to their dental team, to the clinic, and to the actual treatments offered to them”.

דוקטור מיכל שטיינקלר ופרופסור ארווין וייס מטפלים במתרפא

We conduct treatments under sedation in our Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic, and uphold the strictest Ministry of Health regulations and requirements for treatments under sedation or anaesthesia. Treatments are carried out with the specialist anaesthesist present at all times, because your safety comes first.


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