Our clinic offers pediatric dental care through a unique approach geared to healthy teeth and oral tissue throughout a person’s life. We place emphasis on a positive, easy going experience. Our approach includes preliminary in-depth examinations, coordinating expectations, consolidating an optimal treatment plan for the child, and carrying it out in stages suited the child’s age.

Full diagnosis and personalised treatment plan

Our young clients first meet Dr. Dora Schechter, pediatric dental specialist, who collects data, carries out a comprehensive examination including x-rays, and prepares a diagnosis of the problems in general, relating specifically to issues with teeth, oral diseases, the child’s bite, whether straightening is required, problems with chewing (occlusion), and more.

If necessary, the examination’s findings are discussed with additional specialists in our clinic, following which an opinion will be prepared for the child and parents. It will relate to all aspects of oral health, and include an optimal treatment plan. The plan’s stages will be described in a way that the parents and the child can understand. Parents will be provided with the time frame for the treatment and anticipated costs.

Emphasis is on preserving oral health over the long term, which will no doubt require visits to the dental hygienist. The hygienist removes plaque and bacteria, but will also instruct our young clients on correct dental habits for a healthy mouth.

דוקטור דורה שכטר מטפלת במטופל

Once all data is collated, our young clients and their parents receive our evaluation for the scope of success of the proposed treatments, details of the treatment’s stages and types, an optimal time frame for completion, and detailed costs and payment schedule.

Very young children are often unable to cooperate sufficiently when it comes to dental treatment. Weiss-Dekel 4Hands.Dental Specialists Clinic is set up to conduct the treatment under sedation and / or general anaesthesia, as appropriate. Our clinic’s specialist anaesthesist will be on hand throughout.

The advantages of pediatric dental care in our clinic

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